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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Sentient Snacks?
    Sentient Snacks is an upcoming hemp snack brand, specializing in the creation and distribution of a variety of infused snacks and food products, many of which are not available on the current market.
  • Will I pass a drug test if I consume Sentient Snacks?
    We recommend you do not eat Sentient Snacks, or any other product containing cannabinoids if you have any upcoming drug test. If you eat any of our Delta-8 products you will likely fail a drug test. As for our CBD products, most drug tests do not test for CBD, and our CBD products contain zero THC, but we cannot offer a 100% guarantee that you will pass. This is because some drug tests can trigger a positive with most known cannabinoids, THC or not
  • How many snacks should I eat per day?
    It all depends your experience! If you have limited or no experience with THC, start with bite sizes! Take a bite, wait about 1-2 hours, and go from there. This is an easy way to test your tolerance. If you are only snacking on our CBD products, you can eat as much as your tummy desires!
  • Are there allergens in Sentient Snacks?
    Yes - Milk, Wheat, Soy, Nuts
  • Does Delta-8-THC get you high?
    Yes, Delta-8 THC delivers a similar effect to your normal Delta-9 THC, although many people describe it to be a less potent, more mellow high.
  • What other ingredients are in Sentient Snacks?
    All ingredients used are listed on the nutrition facts label for each product. You can download the nutrition facts label for each product by clicking "Download Nutrition Facts" on all product pages.
  • I am a store and want to carry Sentient Snacks, what do I do?
    We're so happy you want to carry Sentient Snacks! Contact us by clicking "Wholesale Inquiries" in the footer!
  • I'm an influencer and want to work with Sentient Snacks! What do I do?
    We love working with influencers! And we make it so easy. Contact us by clicking the "Influencer" link in the footer.
  • How fast do orders ship?
    Unless the description on the product says otherwise, all orders placed before 1pm EST will ship out same day, while all orders placed after 1pm EST will ship out the following business day.
  • Do Sentient Snacks ship internationally?
    Unfortunately, Sentient Snacks is currently only allowed to ship to customers in the U.S.A., (excluding Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, New Hampshire, & South Dakota,) however we promise we're working on providing international shipping ASAP.
  • Can I return my order?
    Due to the nature of Sentient Snacks, no returns/refunds are available after the order is shipped. If you get accepted for a refund, it will be processed within 5-10 business days.
  • When can I cancel an order?
    Feel free to cancel any order before you receive notice that it has been shipped. Once orders are shipped, they cannot be cancelled.

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